New England At High Risk For Snownadoes This Winter

Changing weather patterns continue to produce severe weather
By Reese Watson | 2014.09.21

New England has seen its share of severe weather this summer. Revere and Worcester, both cities in Massachusetts, saw tornado touchdowns this season. In addition, numerous other communities were under the threat of twisters during tornado watches and warnings. Does this give New Englanders a glimpse into their winter? Yes, we said winter.

National meteorologists have projected that the danger of tornadoes in New England will not go away just because summer is over. The current weather pattern indicates that winter twisters may continue to barrel through the region, only this time during snow storms and blizzards. The "snownadoes" that the storms could produce would be just as dangerous as summer tornadoes, only with greatly decreased visibility due to the snow.

Because of the decreased visibility during a potential snownado, local officials are concerned that storms could be even more dangerous, as residents would not be able to run or seek cover from what they cannot see. This has left scientists and technology companies scrambling to bolster early warning systems. Emergency response vehicles may also have increased difficulty responding to areas affected by snownadoes, due to any snow covered roads.

As with any severe weather, have an emergency plan in place for your home and discuss it with your family. Basements are typically the safest place during a snownado. In the event of a touchdown, avoid downed power lines and do not remain inside any damaged buildings or structures. Try to remain calm await instructions from local officials or emergency responders.