NFL Investigating Claims That Belichick Used Black Magic In Win Over Colts

Belicheat at it again…
By Wi Ji Ho | 2015.01.19

Fresh off of a win in the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts, a new allegation is being levied at Bill Belichick, head coach of the New England Patriots. The Indianapolis camp is claiming that Belichick used black magic to the defeat them 45-7 in the Sunday night massacre.

"There was definitely some voodoo going on," said Colts QB, Andrew Luck. He may not be wrong. The Colts could not get anything started in the game offensively, and their defense was completely ineffective against the Patriots running game. Black magic? Indeed.

Sources speculate that perhaps there was a spell involved that gave LeGarrett Blount super-human strength when running, and that the eyes of the Indianapolis defense would burn when they tried to tackle him. More than one player reported this phenomenon after the game. Perhaps even more telling was Colts coach Chuck Pagano's account of what happened after the game.

"When I shook hands with Belichick after the game," said Pagano, "there was definitely a strong smell of sulfur. How do you explain that?"

The NFL is expected to complete their investigation before Super Bowl weekend.