Leaked Documents Reveal Bill Belichick As Secret NSA Advisor

Eric Mangini seeking asylum in Russia
By Ben Arnold | 2014.09.07

It has been seven years since the videotaping controversy, better known as Spygate, initially put a black eye on the image of the NFL. With the first Sunday of the NFL football season about to start today, a new scandal is about to rock the sport and the country. Leaked documents provided to the press by Eric Mangini, a former New York Jets coach, detailed a previously unknown NSA hierarchy. Within that leadership structure was a shocking discovery, as Bill Belichick was revealed as a high level NSA advisor. The news has many experts wondering about the details of Belichick's involvement, and if he has been using the NSA as a vehicle to wiretap the phones of opposing NFL coaches.

"He's just trying to help the country gain a competitive advantage against the terrorists," said Marsha Logan, a longtime Patriots fan. "In Bill we trust!," she shouted. Other Patriots fans familiar with the news had similar views. However, not everyone is as understanding and supportive of the coach.

"He's a cheater. It's against the rules and he's cheating," explained a New York Jets fan. "It's right there in the Constitution. You can't just bend the rules when you want to because it's convenient, even if it would help you win." Moreover, of the people we interviewed, over 70% believe that Belichick will, or already has, abused his position at the NSA by spying on other NFL coaches. Through those techniques, he may have had advance knowledge of game strategies or player injury details that would have given him an unfair advantage.

The leaker of the documents, Eric Mangini, has become a polarizing figure since the release of the information. Supporters of Belichick are calling for the prosecution of Mangini. However, those who think the spying is illegal are hailing Mangini as a hero. Due to the threat of prosecution, he has fled the country and is seeking asylum in Russia. This has led some to believe that he was secretly working for the KGB as a spy to try to undermine the NFL.

It will be interesting to see how this story plays out, and no one knows how it will affect 2014 NFL season. Fans will be looking for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to order a full review of Belichick's role in the spying program. In the meantime, we can all feel at ease knowing that the defensive genius will be keeping all of us safe.